“We sweep Church Every Sunday, God has Swept my sorrow away!!”, Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Celebrates as his Wife Dedicates a Bouncing baby Boy after 9 yrs of Childlessness Today. Let’s wish him Well!!

“After 9 years of Waiting, my Joy is finally full”, Actor Kenneth Okonkwo celebrates as his Wife Dedicates a Bouncing baby Boy after 9 yrs of Childlessness. Let’s wish him Well!!

born 6 November 1968) is a 54-year-old multi-talented Nigerian actor, producer,

entrepreneur, lawyer, and politician from Enugu State. He is best known for playing the role of Andy Okeke in the movie Living in Bondage. One of the most accomplished Nigerian celebrities, the veteran actor has made his mark in the industry over the years

and is particularly known for his ability to deliver acting roles as naturally andas real as possible. He is one of the few celebrities to have an active

professional life in addition to acting. The 54-year-old Kenneth Okonkwo was born to Mr. Ozioko Francis Okonkwo and Mrs. Beatrice Okonkwo on the 6th

of November 1968. Kenneth did not enjoy the warmth of a hospital bed at birth, as he was born in a refugee camp where most of the Igbos stayed during the Nigeria/Biafra war. He lived a greater part of his life in Nsukka, where he comes from.

He started his academic pursuit atUnion Primary School, Nsukka, fromwhere he moved on to St. Theresa College, also in Nsukka. For his first

degree, he studied Business Management at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. After which, he moved

over to Lagos to obtain his LLB. To add to his portfolio, he obtained a Master’sdegree in International and Law Diplomacy at the University of Lagos and a doctorate from the Chartered Institute of Econonmics. He equally has an educational background in Theology.

The versatile actor also has a political career, which he takes seriously. He has contested for tWo positions since he indicated an interest in politics. He contested for the seat of Enugu State governor, his state of origin, in 2018. Kenneth has also contested for the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, he lost both seats. Regardless of all of these, he still sees himself as a politician and is not discouraged in any way.

Ezekiel, got married in 2000, but the marriage did not last long as they divorced in 2002. Ogechi is the daughter of Pastor Ezekiel, then General Overseer of Christian Pentecostal Mission

International. Their short-lived union was blessed with a son whose name was given as Ifeanyi.

Neither Kenneth nor Ogechi has revealed what truly transpired between them and why their marriage failed. But in an interview captured by Nigeria films, the actor stated that he doesn’t support divorce, and the rumor that he married Ogechi because of her wealth and that of her parents was totally false. Also, when asked about a story on the internet that said his hot temper crashed his first marriage, Kenneth didn’t give a direct answer. Instead, he inferred that if he was

attacked violently by a woman, he would retaliate.

After his failed marriage with Ogechi Ezekiel, his mother decided to help him find love again. Since 2007, the entertainer has been married to Mrs.

Ifeoma Okonkwo. It happened that about five years after his divorce, Kenneth’s mother, who thought that he did not deserve to suffer in marriage because of his Christian virtues, took it upon herself to help him find a good girl for him to marry. She spoke to him about lfeoma, who was a homely girl from his place. She

equally had a good reputation among other tovwn people. After his mother’s description of what sounded like his ‘spec,’ he decided to meet the girl in person. He arranged for them to meet, and after speaking with her, the rest became history. Their relationship continued to grow into what it is today. He made all of this revelation in an interview with Mercy Michael.

Kenneth Okonkwo has only one son with his current wife. After patiently waiting for nine years, the couple was eventually blessed with a son in 2016.

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