Congratulations as Rita Dominic gives birth to a set of twins today in Lagos (Photos)













Rita Dominic is a numerous award-winning Nollywood actress, founder, criterion, television temperament, investor, contributor, and co-founder of the Audrey Silva Company. She has been respected as one of the decent energetic actresses in Nollywood and also one of the highest-paid actresses in Nigeria.

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has announced that she has children. In a current consultation, the savory said she has kids that she takes supervision of, and even if she didn’t birth them, they are however her children..

“I don’t understand. I think I just actually think oppositely from a lot of species. I don’t remember. What I say by that is there is specific stuff I don’t let get to me.

I see existence differently. For me, I may not have birthed them but I have kids that I put up with. I have species that I take care of. Do you comprehend what I mean? So you realize. And obviously, I would wish to have my kids. However, I have kids. Let me just put it that way”, she said

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