“That water means a lot to her” – Little girl melts heart as she gives hug to boy who gave her water to drink (Video)

A little girl caused a buzz on social media, with many individuals storming the comment page to send their wishes and prayers after she was seen hugging a young boy who gave her a bottle of water to drink

Little girl drinking water
Little girl


In the video, the young girl was seen drinking from a bottle of water with teary eyes, after which she immediately hugged the boy who gave her the water.

The video carried the captions ‘he gave her water’ and ‘the water means a lot to her.’

The action of the young girl towards the boy who gave her water captured the attention of viewers, with many individuals highlighting the importance of water.

See some reactions below:

@alphonceopondo: “When your happiness is to make people happy, i promise you you will never run out of joy.”

@DeborahOlachukwu: “The fact this little Angel knows what is Appreciation by reciprocating the kind gesture with Huge got me tearing.”

@MUFASA: “The hug got me. may God help us to make others happy as well.”

@adesinajohniyiade: “The water was more than the whole heart to her. what a greatful heart.”

@user2361627135746: “I’d love to hug her for the longest time her eyes tell a story. God help your innocent souls.”

@CADEAU: “There are places around the Globe they don’t have water, let alone food & stuff!!”

@marshmarlow1: “Love from childhood will forever make you loving no Matter how people hurt you.”



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