“Let’s meet at 2 am” Kanayo Kanayo replies Portable after he declared himself the new Kanayo

Kanayo Kanayo, a Nollywood actor, has scheduled a meeting with musician Portable after expressing interest in taking over his traditional crowns.

Portable had dubbed himself the new Kanayo Kanayo while incorrectly instructing the people on the importance of engaging in demonic tactics to achieve money.

Kanayo has become well-known for his money ritual film roles during the course of his career.

Portable announced that he is a ritualist and claims to be the new Kanayo Kanayo in an Instagram post.

Giving the wrong advice, he opined that it’s better to do ritual since death is inevitable.

Kanayo responded by making an appointment with the singer and urging him to meet him at a dangerous hour.

“My brother Zazuu, let’s meet at 2 am”.

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